With the use of V1 Pro Video along with GC2 & HMT we can iron out any doubt in what is happening and why. Armed with this knowledge we can head forwards in our quest for your golfing excellence.

Once we have identified our areas in need of improvement, we need to break down our time of training into 3 different areas:

Technical Practice

This involves developing your technique and working on parts of your set-up or swing you most want to improve. To maximise the the effects of this, focus on making the movement rather than when the ball goes. Be prepared for mistakes but through repetition & perseverance you will see progress and be on the road to success.

Training Practice

Training practice develops skills & improves ball control. You will now be focusing on the targets instead of swings. You can record & monitor your scores to see how your skills have improved. You should adopt a one shot, one opportunity mindset when in this mode.

Tournament Practice

You are replicating competitive golf in this mode where every shot differs and you have 1 opportunity to execute it effectively. Tournament practice is the ultimate test in determining whether the skills you learned or refined during technical practice will hold up under pressure and in competition.

All of the above training modes will have differing proportion levels depending on the golfer and their requirements.

By booking a consultation we can assess where your time is best spent and how to spend it. There is no point in practising a flaw. Practice makes permanent, only good well structured practice will have a positive effect!