Repairs Workshop

Re-shafting of Broken Irons or Woods

A iron reshaft starts at £34.99 plus the grip of your choice from £6-£13

A Graphite wood re-shaft starts at £64.99 plus the grip of your choice £6-£13

Club Re-gripping

Re-gripping services available using Golf Pride, Lamkin or Superstroke grips. Please enquire for prices as there are many options.

Loft & Lies

A set of 8 irons loft and lie checked to the manufactuers specifications costs £40

I do a full loft and lie Service for most iron sets.

Forged Irons can weaken in loft or change lie over time. You may also want your lies to change through the set depending on the length and shape you wish to hit. Any changes required or specified is charged at £4 per club along with the checking fee.

Shaft Extraction & Adaptor Changing

Premium Graphite shafts are now very expensive and you may wish to keep your existing but change the adaptor for you new driver. You may also just fancy trying something different for summer to winter.

A shaft extraction is charged at £25 per club

A new adaptor fit is £30 including the new adaptor

This is a Professional service using a Maltby Shaft Pulling machine. Perfect results every time


Some times a new club may feel too light in comparison to an old favorite and needs a little weight added.

Or a Club needs shortening and needs the weight added back to retain the original swingweight and balance.

Swing weighting changes costs £20 per wood and £10 per iron.